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Hey, I'm David Simões, the guy behind Ecommerce BizTech Digest and the founder of Sounds Good Agency (SGA). 🚀 Recently, my agency joined forces with Shopsys, a heavyweight in custom online store builds in our market.

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About me

I’m a Portuguese national and currently reside in Czechia with my wife and three children. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is my favourite sport and hobby. Love to relax in a sauna or while playing the guitar. Studied to be a professional dancer, almost became a priest, but thankfully in the end I arrived to an even better place.

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This is how I look like in case you didn’t know.

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I specialise in helping entrepreneurs, teams, and large businesses leverage the power of Shopify and Shopify Plus to enhance their Ecommerce solutions and achieve limitless growth. But how do I do it?

Since 2016, I've assisted over 300 businesses by:

  • Auditing their stores and configurations

  • Seamlessly migrating them from legacy solutions to Shopify

  • Strategizing for growth and scalability by harnessing the platform's capabilities and ecosystem

Ultimately, my goal is to help businesses:
👉 Avoid being locked into smaller or outdated solutions
🤑 Increase conversions, customer lifetime value, and overall revenue
🤝 Innovate rapidly and outperform competitors

If you're ready to take the next step in your e-commerce and online sales journey, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Founder at Shopify Experts Agency & Shareholder at Shopsys 🛍️ Certified Experts since 2016. Pro in Complex Systems, Processes & Growth. Assisting Corporate Businesses Migrate to Shopify Plus. Let's Connect! 💬